Flower Powder - Let Love Rule (Progressive/Dec2005)

Started by Flower Powder, 10 December 2005 à 18:10:34

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Flower Powder

10 December 2005 à 18:10:34 Last Edit: 20 December 2005 à 17:02:45 by Flower Powder
New Progressive Trance Mix from Flower Powder.

"Let Love Rule"

Tracklist :
Neelix : Of Nine
Neelix : Complication
Liquid Soul : After Effect
Neelix : Follow
Pion : Identify
Behind Blue Eyes : Excerpts from Dreams
Behind Blue Eyes : Remember This
Freakulizer : Losing Control
Tim Track : Track 01
Ski Fi : Waverange
Silent Hill : 24 Covers
Human Traffic : Punchin Ball
Donato Dozzy & Brando Lupi : Liquid

Go to http://flowerpowder.over-blog.com

Progressive Mix alternating Deep & Colurfull Trance.
This one goes at 134 bpm.

A Tribute to Abbas who died at the age of 20 from lack of Love.....
Rest in Peace, & Love....
Flower Powder.

P.S. Do not Forget to Vote. Thkx.

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