Cujorius One - Cat In Bag, Bag In River Ep OUT NOW!!!

Started by SoundmuteRec, 19 August 2008 à 21:59:44

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CUJORIUS ONE - Cat in Bag, bag in River EP (SMR004)

Cujorius One is result of three Copenhagen born and raised guys cooperation. Cujo A. Hora, Barney Jacobs & Nicolas Titti. In their mid twenties.

During the last years of their teenage periods they found each other and made music together for fun. Later they turned out to be living the philosophy of "Eat, Sleep, Music"

They built the studio "The Front" in Cujo's House, and have been based their for the past years. Here many of their tracks, and side project tracks have been made up.

in 2001 Cujorius One had their first release and after that many releases has come.
# Cujorius One has also enjoyed working with others and has many projects on the side. Working together with people and acts such as: Genetic Spin
# Dj Ruth / Meeloo
# Sensient
# Neotone
and others, gives much inspiration to the productions.
Many problems and obstacles has been placed in the way of the music over the years bankrupt labels, corrupt labels, labels closing, comno insulte pleasers breaking down, synths getting stolen, promoters and organizers not paying for gigs, etc. But the show and the party must go on, and Cujorius One will not stop because of things like this slowed down perhabs, but the passion and need for music keeps us going.
Hope to see you all at a party somewhere or in the Copenhagen area.
Beer donations are always welcome.


Title: Cat in Bag, bag in River EP
Artists: Cujorius One
Label: Soundmute recordings
Tracks: 4
Format: Digital
Distributer: Beat port & Juno download
Release date: August 2008
Mastered by Oversllide Studio - [color="#FFFF00"][/color]

Track list:
A1: Cat in bag  bag in river
A2: Donkeys Jingle (feat. Simon Towity)
B1: Frogs Drugs (feat. Simon Towity)
B2: Moses - Trukket i lyden (Cujorius one rmx)

Artist info:

Preview samples:

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