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Started by sunstation rec, 25 October 2008 à 10:21:04

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sunstation rec

Bom Shanka Music Presents VA ~ 'The Laboratory' - Compiled by DJ Nuky  :: Release Date: 14 November 2008[/B]


The Laboratory is a collection of 10 blasting psychedelic monsters from around the globe that are guaranteed to rock your socks off. This, the fourth killer release from the Bom Shanka stables compiled by label DJ Nuky blasts off with The A.R.T. Conspiracy's psychedelic Illegal; 100% chanvre hand crafted psychedelia by Shotu; a schizophrenic track of two halves from Psymmetrix; Dirty Saffi's good honest clean aggression; fresh new talent from Oz with Spyrallus and culminating in the experi-mental vodka fuelled insanity from the BSM Crew (featuring Parasense, Illegal Machines, Psymmetrix and a good deal of drinking buddies!)

This album has an excellent balance of fresh new talent and experienced artists that will blast dancefloors around the globe and is designed to be enjoyed as a seamless acid-infused home listening experience but will feel equally at home in pride of place in your DJ wallet!

[B]Click below for samples:[/B]

[IMG][/img] [B][URL=]1. The A.R.T. Conspiracy - Random Positions on the Plate [/URL][/B]

[IMG][/img] [B][URL=]2. Asimilon vs Parasense - The Most Bizarre Aspect [/URL][/B]

[IMG][/img] [B][URL=]3. Illegal Machines - Bimba [/URL] [/B]

[IMG][/img] [B][URL=]4. Parasense - Do The Job (Illegal Machines) [/URL][/B]

[IMG][/img] [B][URL=]5. Psymmetrix - Dire Straights of Conciousness [/URL][/B]
[IMG][/img] [B][URL=]6. Shotu - Seeds [/URL] [/B]
[IMG][/img][B] [URL=]7. Psymmetrix vs Illegal Machines - Clean Saffi Machine [/URL][/B]
[IMG][/img] [B][URL=]8. Dirty Saffi - Senile Dimension [/URL][/B]

[IMG][/img] [B][URL=]9. Spyrallus - Eye of Daruma [/URL][/B]

[IMG][/img] [B][URL=]10. BSM Crew - Alcoholic Fingers [/URL][/B]

[B]Track by track:[/B]
[B]The A.R.T. Conspiracy - Random Positions on the Plate[/B]
Well behaved psychedelic soup made from full fat groovy bass, chunky cut leads, sliced dark wobbles and a side serving of psychotic pads.
[B]Asimilon vs Parasense - The Most Bizarre Aspect [/B]
Starts light and fluffy, building into massive psychedelic FM leads combined with reptillionic squiggles and Soviet squelches to provide a smooth style track with heavy jagged elements.

[B]Illegal Machines - Bimba[/B]
A classic Illegal monster! Fairytale beginnings give way to bleeps, squeaks and intelligent tweaks blended into full-power hard-core French psychedelia.

[B]Parasense - Do The Job (Illegal Machines) [/B]
Illegal remix of the huge Parasense track; breathing new life into an old classic - The Job has been done! 

[B]Psymmetrix - Dire Straights of Conciousness [/B]
A track of 2 halves, we weren't sure about it either until the break. Mildly Marmitey Schizo-Gemini Trance.

[B]Shotu - Seeds [/B]
A cascading track that sets you up for it's massively energetic leads with elements of nature surrounded by the lead filled mountains. Non-radioactive nuclear trance from France!

[B]Psymmetrix vs Illegal Machines - Clean Saffi Machine[/B]
Straight out of the Anglo-French exchange student program this problem child has been tossed across The Channel more times than Manu! Dark and fidgety like a hyperactive magical iguana that just ran out of Ritalin and won't let you rest.

[B]Dirty Saffi - Senile Dimension [/B]
High energy clean psychedelia to last you out of the retirement home. Hard fast night-time Psy for people who like it up-front and outside.

[B]Spyrallus - Eye of Daruma[/B]
Fresh from Down Under; wonderfully arranged paranoid psychotic Aussie Koala mayhem! It builds & builds & builds intelligently kilometres high and rising!

[B]BSM Crew - Alcoholic Fingers [/B]
The end product of locking everyone in a Russian Room full of Vodka, Fags and no Hash. Orbiting the Moon with bouncy and bionic ever-changing ideas. Putinka Power!

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