Shapestatic - Metaphim; killer psytrance album in MP3/WAV, free!

Started by Basilisk, 12 July 2008 à 01:45:35

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01 :: Platform (7:39)
02 :: Lightened (8:02)
03 :: Dancefloor (7:27)
04 :: Dream This (8:05)
05 :: Time Flies (7:19)
06 :: Drum (8:12)
07 :: Blastorb (8:07)
08 :: Grain (8:10)
09 :: Paralyzed (9:10)

Shapestatic is Chris Johnson (AKA Kri) and Alex Falk (AKA The Bastard) from the Appalachian Mountains of the southern United States. Typifying the growing Psytrance scene in that region, Shapestatic’s debut release Metaphim on North American record label Gaian Mind is a bombshell collection of raw, energetic, and passionate tracks meticulously put together with not a moment of sound wasted. Metaphim combines in-your-face bass lines with gritty, acid-drenched synth strata, tight percussion, tweaked-out samples, and purposeful harmony. Hard-edged and very psychedelic, yet still bouncy, positive, and musical, Shapestatic bears a sound which is wholly unique to America. Metaphim will keep your body moving well into the first rays of dawn!

Download it for free in MP3 or WAV:

If you enjoy this free release you are encouraged to purchase a physical copy from T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi:

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