Indian Spirit Open Air Festival | 04 Sep - 08 Sep 2008 | Germany

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Indian Spirit Open Air  Festival  | 04 Sep - 08 Sep 2008 | Germany


Pixel ( hommega rec.) isr.
Odiseo ( iboga mexico rec. ) mexico
Volu-men (Synphonie rec.) ger.
Delirious ( hommega rec.) isr. // first time in germany
Painkiller ( nutek rec.) spain
Zen Mechanics ( iboga rec.) Hol..// first time in germany
Domestic ( hommega rec.) isr. // first time in germany
Vaishiyas ( spintwist rec.) ger.
Sub 6 ( hommega rec.) isr.
Symphonix ( blue tunes rec.) ger.
True Lies ( candyflip rec.) ger.
Dualism vs. Meeloo ( blue tunes rec.) swiss. // first time in germany
Neelix ( millennium rec.) ger.
Jey & Ex ( iboga rec.)Mex.
Lish ( com.pact rec. ) isr.
Ibojima ( millenium rec. ) sw.
Kularis ( spintwist rec.) ger.
Psyche Logos ( planet ben rec.) brasil
Aerospace ( spintwist rec.) isr.
Hypersonic ( phonokol rec.) isr.
Electric Universe ( spirit zone rec.) ger.
Nok ( millennium rec.) ger.
Aquafeell ( spin twist rec.) greece // first time in germany
Visua ( flow rec.) mex.


Djane Annelli ( phantasm rec.) sw.
Montagu & Golkonda ( blue tunes rec.) ger.
Chriss ( full moon fest.) ger.
Syncron ( Indian spirit fest.) ger.
Djane Helltown Chicks ( fusion festival ) sw.
Mogg Fanatik ( planet b.e.n. rec.) pt.
Starsky ( substical rec.) ger.
Zosma ( spintwist rec.) ger.
Intellifex ( spintwist rec.) ger.
Shybe ( domo rec.) swiss
Gandalf ( magic beats prod.) ger.
Johan & Manes ( y.s.e. rec.) ger.
Wedanta & Psytrixx ( psychedelic destination ) ger.
Dr. Changra ( iono rec.) ger.
Kristian ( transient rec.) gb.
Audiomatic ( spintwist rec.) ger.
Merry ( spontaneous aerobics )ger.
La La ( tribal tools ) ger.
Annouk ( sinn tec rec.) ger.
Peter Zen ( candyflip rec.) NL.
Stratos ( candyflip rec.) greece
Dj Kristian ( transient rec.) UK
Alize D Joanna ( waldfrieden )
Arkadius & Li`lMomo ( synphonie rec.)
Djane Dioda ( hexenkessel )
Catfish & Phill ( antaris proj.)
Natron ( intact-expanda ) ger.


Sinnes Art ( project luna )
and more to come..:-)


Plastique Funtastique


Wegbeschreibung: Autobahn A24 Hamburg / Berlin, Ausfahrt Heiligengrabe, dann Richtung Heiligengrabe / Pritzwalk, in Heiligengrabe durchfahren und den Zeichen folgen.


highway A24 Hamburg / Berlin - Exit Heiligengrabe - go straight through Heiligengrabe. continue direction Heiligengrabe / Pritzwalk. Heiligengrabe, follow the signs

Entry fee:     

Vom 08. 02. bis 03. 05.2008 / 30 ,
Vom 04. 05. bis 24. 07.2008 / 35 ,
Vom 24. 07. bis 22.08. 2008 / 40 ,
VVK: bis zum 22. August !!
Abendkasse 45 ,

08.02. - 03.05.2008 / 30,- euro
04.05. - 24.07.2008 / 35,- euro
24.07. - 22.08.2008 / 40,- euro
presale: till August!!
door price 45 euro

At the gate 20% discount for international travellers with a valid passport ( 38 , ).
Two nights and three days open air party.

Organizer     W.W.T. Event


Standanmeldung: Ihr könnt eure Stände bis zum 24. August bei uns registrieren lassen. Alle Anfragen die nach dem 24. August bei uns eintreffen werden nicht mehr bearbeitet !

Stall registrations are exclusively possible till 24th of August.



please,don´t forget a hammock !! there are preparations to put it in.
weather prooved dancefloor, showers, free camping, water, amazing nature and FREE LOVE !!!

Mushroom Hotline
01805 68747666

Shuttle, more info check [click here]

Bahn Bahnhof: Wittstock (Dosse) Bahnhof
[click here]

train station : Wittstock (Dosse) Bahnhof
[click here]

Arrival by plane

nearest Airports:
/ Berlin Tegel (TXL)
/ Berlin-Schoenefeld(SXF)
/ Berlin-Tempelhof(THF)

other Airports:
/ Hamburg(HAM)
/ Rostock-Laage(RLG)
/ Hannover(HAJ)
/ Leipzig-Halle(LEJ)
/ Lübeck(LBC)
/ Köln-Bonn(CGN)
/ Frankfurt-Main(FRA)
/ Frankfurt-Hahn(HHN)
/ Munich(MUC)

After arriving to one of these airports you need to go by train to come to Wittstock ( Dosse ) Bahnhof.

Arrival Train Station: Wittstock (Dosse) Bahnhof
Use the Deutsch Bahn to get to your arrival trainstation "Wittstock (Dosse)". The train tickets to Wittstock (Dosse) are not bookable online. You can only purchase your ticket at the conductor in the train. A ticket from Berlin Schoenefeld to Wittstock/Dosse Bahnhof for example should cost a maximum of 11- Euros (one way).

From Airport Berlin Schoenefeld use S-Bahn S9 which is running directly till Berlin Spandau. The S9 is running every 20 minutes.
In Berlin Spandau you have to change into Regional Train to Wittstock (Dosse) which is running ervery hour from 5:16 AM till 8:16 PM.

From Airport Berlin-Tegel you should use Bus X9 to Zoologischer Garten, there you change into Subway No.7 to Berlin-Spandau and from there you change into the Regional Train to Wittstock (Dosse) Bahnhof, which should be also around 11,- Euro (one way)

From Berlin-Spandau the trains will run every hour between 5:16 AM and 08:16 PM . Also you can check [click here] and [click here], they offer also different languages.
From trainstation Wittstock (Dosse) Bahnhof we will offer a shuttle service to the festivalarea.

Shuttle Service Indian Spirit Festival 2008

driving Service for: shops, guests, rides to the festival and back to the trainstation, Wittstock (Dosse) Bahnhof

Frank +49(0) 173 8190286

taxi schmidt central

+49(0) 3394712321


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