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Nestled in a fold of the resplendent Atlas Mountains, Kronik crew has the pleasure to introduce you to the first PSiland edition ever.

In a mesmerizing small island near two lakes in Bin El ouidane, a combination of several international artists will take your minds on a psychedelic journey pervaded with exotic instrumentation and surreal lyrics.

With the captivating colors of the surrounding landscape, the clear blue skies and the lake's striking voluptuousness, Bin El ouidane is the utopian place to freely alter electronic instruments and vocals to give you the ultimate Psychedelic experience.

We ask you to join us in this one of a kind 2008 PSiland experience and let us set your mind free for this will be as dreamlike as ever.

KroniK crew


| Live |

Nexus ( Crystal Matrix rec) Portugal
XSI ( Mind control rec) France
Encephalopaticys ( Parvati rec) Macedonia
Akbal ( Frakasound Records ) italy
Kobold instinct ( Morocco )
Xatba (Morocco)

| Dj's |

Anneli (Phantasm rec) sweden
Korpora ( Hommega rec ) portugal
Miss tick ( Fat form rec) france
Dj Matte (utopia Records) Italy / Messico
ToTo ( World people) france
Djane Akbal (Frakasound Records) Italy/Holland
Redox ( Cyprus-ma)
AchouB ( Morocco)
ACE ( Morocco)
Diali ( Morocco)
Horam ( Morocco)
Adrenaddict ( Morocco)
Cosmic silence (Morocco)
ADM (Morocco)
Daox (Morocco)
Ali (Morocco)
Anak (Morocco)
Deep-R (nomadstribe-Morocco)
Psymo (N.o.s-Morocco)
Microbe (Ganesha Space Garden) Argentina
Psyleno (Ganesha Space Garden) Spain
Prehnita (Ganesha Space Garden) Spain
Mozkatt (Ganesha Space Garden) Portugal

| Chill |

dj Microbe (Ganesha Space Garden) Argentina
dj Mozkatt (Ganesha Space Garden) Portugal
dj Psysufi (France-Morocco)

| Deco |

Ganesha Space Garden
vj Fractal Tribe (Ganesha Space Garden) Argentina


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