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All original tracks written and produced by: Biokinetix
Remixes written and produced by:

1 - Biokinetix - Acid Generation (MESMERIZER RMX)

2 - Biokinetix - Black Sheep Technology (DIGITAL SOUND PROJECT RMX)

3 - Biokinetix - Let's Go (CRYSTAL NETWORK RMX)

4 - Biokinetix - Encredible Experience (SABRETOOTH RMX)

5 - Biokinetix - Sextime (POLYPHEME RMX)

6 - Biokinetix - Hyper (BIOKINETIX Vs BEATRAVE RMX)

7 - Biokinetix - Virtual Combat (BRAIN-DRIVER RMX)

8 - Biokinetix - Crystal Activity (JAWS UNDERGROUND RMX)

9 - Biokinetix - Encredible Experience (GEMINI RMX)

10 - Biokinetix - Rastakilla (BONUS TRACK)

Artwork by ( t-mix ) -----

Mastering by (Tom-Mesmerizer@Studio)


Biokinetix & Friends - I3D3 (The Remixes) [DIGICD021]  Digital Drugs Coalition / Morning Star

-Biokinetix is the hottest new presence from the French Underground Resistance. -Fabry was born in France in 1977 and was rocked in a varied musical world from an early age (Rock / Soul / Rnb / Electro / Trance / Reggae ...) -His first experience as a DJ almost 10 years ago was on vinyl in London, mixing NuNRG and Hard-trance. After 4 years of partying with the Brits, he decided to come back to France and started DJing on the French stage. -in 2006 he joined ETC promoter's team ( and shared the stage with Bizzare-Contact, Time-Lock, Ananda-Shake, Hyper Frequencies and more... -End of 2007 he felt inspired to create his own tracks under the project name “Biokinetix” . -1 year later he finally presents his first live at the “Regular” Morphonic.records party. -End of 2008 his first release is out with Geomagnetic.rec(USA) for the track “Crystal-Activity”. -Beginning of 2009, Fabry signed with Morphonic rec for a digital EP “i2D1”. After that, the Biokinetix sound started to propagate on the dance-floors worldwide including Live performances in Russia, Switzerland, Austria... -2010 started with the release of his “first album” CD in January on the big label Geomagnetic rec. after that biokinetix released on many compils and His 2dr CD album “21th century” is planned to be released this winter . 2010 will be hot on the dancefloor !
For the I3D3 remixes Album ,MESMERIZER, DIGITAL SOUND PROJECT, KINESIS vs SEROTONIK (CRYSTAL NETWORK), SABRETOOTH, POLYPHEME, BEATRAVE, BRAINDRIVER, JAWS UNDERGROUND & GEMINI are all summoned forth by BIOKINETIX to utilize their newest techniques to create the most effective strategies to boggle the minds and warp the bodies (in full power epic dance moves) in order to trap the aliens in wicked designed traps that look just like dance floors. Once entranced by these high tech sonic mind control devices you will be able to easily identify the members of the human race and who is actually an alien in disguise. was established in the summer of 2001 by Dr. Spook one of the founders of the prominent San Francisco 3D FX and Multimedia boutique known as Minds Eye Media (est.1995)

Digital Drugs Coalition is a union of psychedelic trance artists from around the globe who believe that digital art + music are the purest form of getting high. Expect unique, fresh + truly out of this world productions from this hot posse!!

Morningstar, division of Geomagnetic Records. Uplifting, melodic, full-on, progressive and perfect for those ecstatic moments of sunshine and awakening, we know you want to be carried on a cloud of feel-good grooviness as you welcome the morning light! 

Mesmerizer is a french project composed of Neo (Thomas Bivaud) and Veek (Victor Moasser) friends from childhood, both started playing guitars for various bands before discovering psytrance during their first parties (Gaia, Amplitude, Teknitrance...) In 2000 they start deejaying first Prog then Full-on wich leads them to the foundation of Trance idylic in 2003 with their friends. At the same time they start experimenting with Music software first with Logic then Cubase with the intention of mixing powerful sounds and energy with a touch groove and funk. In 2007 after many tracks Neo and Veek decide to join The Mahogany records crew. Today, Mesmerizer is a part of Mind Control records and produces with Jaws Underground, Mister youth, XSI, Biokinetix, Skoocha,...and share the stage with artists like artists like Talamasca for sure, Lost&Found, Phatmatix, Concept, Silicon Sound, Ex-Gen, Hyper frequencies… through various parties (Yabai, Crystal Matrix...) Their debut album "Like A Machine" was released on 2I4U Records, the new subdivision of the french label Mind Control Records.

Digital Sound Project is a french project composed of two friends.
On the first hand, Benjamin Youla (Dj Ben-j), born in Nantes in France in 1980 from a guinean father and a french mother. Influenced by his culture, he started to play percussions at the age of thirteen years old, two years later his brother, a Trance Dj, made him discovered electronic music and it's been like a revelation. He bought his own turntables, a synthetizer and started to work with passion in this way. As he improved his masterness and knowledge of deejaying, he made the crew of « Electro system » wanting to open their doors to his talent and made him able to play his music on the most important parties of Paris and in some of the biggest french cities.Dj Ben-j became quickly one of the best french Dj due to his powerfull sets full of inspirations and a real rare presence on the stage that turned the floors on.That's in this context that he met Talamasca (Dj Lestat) and Dj Yuman and created together the « Three Gorillaz Sming » crew, after what he invest up himself in music producing.
On the second hand, Mickael Loriot (Dj Jakson), born in Le Mans in France in 1982, Dj since he's twenty, he improved his art througt different styles of musics as Techno, Trance, Hardhouse or Hard tek for four years after what he invest himself with succes in Psy-Trance « fullon » with the help of the french party promoting crew « ElectrOhm » that he's been one of the creator. It made him able to grew up clearly as one the most rising value of the french scene where he's been sharing the stage with artists such as Oforia, XSI, Hujaboy, Phatmatix, Scorb, Tegma and many more!
From these two journeys is born a met, a strong friendship, a common project... Digital Sound Project
That's in 2007 that this project comes on as a melt of groovy rythms and strong melodies. A year later only, they were already make the enthousiastic public move on their first official performance during the « Digital Harmonium » party where they shared the stage with Sub6, Headroom, Shift, Silicon Sound...
Then the next step comes on, in 2009 it's time to join Talamasca in his worldwide known and wellknown label « Mind Control » for a first album...
Like its two creator Digital Sound Project is on the road of succes and is already becoming a most wanted value for all the next biggest international events of the Psy-Trance scene.
The story just begin so keep on paying attention to them, the best is coming...

Salvador, aka Dj Salva, of Spanish origin, was born in Paris in May 1978.
Salva as been involve in psytrance development since 10 years as djing, organizer of psytrance events and live acts
He played in Spain, France, Canada, Belgium, Chili, Swiss and mainly around Paris, alongside international artists such as GMS, Protoculture, Audiotec, Pop stream, Dado, Silicon sound, Talamasca, Highlight-Tribe, Domestic, Jaia, Bamboo Forest, DNA, Hujaboy, and many others...
In spite of that, he has always wished to mix and play his own music.
That's the reason why, in 2006, he started to focus on creating his own music and his own project, under the name of KINESIS.

After 12 years playing the drums, culminating in an album deal with Swiss punk band Tastes Like Chicken (now BMC), Sheffield-based Ben Fraser now focuses his efforts on creating high-quality late-night entertainment...
This takes the form of swarming, precision-made pleasure machines: the unique driving acid-tinged filth that is the Ben Fraser sound.
Since his first release on Planet Zogg Records in 2005, Ben has gone on to set-up Sabretooth Records: an outlet for his unique blend of all things deep, dark and driving. Ben has also taken his livePA all around the UK, and more recently abroad, with devastating effects at many top underground clubs. His commitment to live performance has recently seen him develop a set based around improvised percussion, bringing a fury of punk-style drumming to Ben’s already energetic shows.
Ben has also turned his production skills to an exciting full-on psy trance project, simply named Sabretooth. This is an opportunity for him to build on his long-standing love of Goa trance, to create a purer and slicker version of his driving sound.

POLYPHEME from his album "black magic", to participate in numerous remixes including the MASSIVE "why THEY look like us" and that of BLOCK DEVICE "acid house". This time he is attacking one of BIOKINETIX and remains in a style full-on night.
It was imposed among the best french artists of the trance scene thanks to his expressive beats and massive bass kicks.
He also prepares his second album due out in March 2011, and a forthcoming compilation VA "GROUND 0 with salva" KINESIS "due out in September at Spun Records.
The best is yet to come so watch this artist will explode !

Sylvain (Brain Driver) found out about electronic music in 1995 with his first rave in south of France. Very quickly attracted by this world, go out to many parties, and bought his first turntables in 1997. he begins to play in many free party and night bar until 2001, then he decide to create his own tracks under various pen name. 2004 is the year of his first Psytrance party (Hadra)...there, It's a truth musical shocks for him, and since this day, this music and her power have definitely change his life. In 2006, his psytrance project “Brain Driver” is born. He begins Member of the collective "Dream and Fly". He start to play at many party in France, recently in Israël and releases his first productions on Hadra rec and DARK rec. He joins now the Hadra records team...a new adventure begins for him......Some news comming soon, stay connected

JAWS UNDERGROUND is alexandre joly , from France .
He discovers trance in 1994 at the gaia 4 festival with Juno-Reaktor's live act (for the first time in france)
he decides to compose music after this live and the spirit of the trance parties!
In 2005, he creates his project "Jaws Underground".Then he sign with petethemoon records and the track "access denied" comes out on Anthares and Petethemoon's compilation (Anthares). So he starts to play at many parties in france and collaborates with United Spirit in creating together a track (Low Signal Design) in his album "i want your kick"
He listen different styles of music: troublemakers, radiohead, yes, pink floyd, metallica, the doors, zappa, gong, and more...
and of course trance music with: juno reaktor, total eclipse, talamasca, g.m.s, sirius isness, james compressor, domestic, exaile, shift, biogenesis, csx, mesmerizer, safi conection, phonic request, silicon sound.
In january 2007 he carries out his work with his first album "Lost in the sound"
and released "get your freak on" (daft punk remix) in april, compilation "Goa N°21" by Millenium Records uk
and played in many partys and festivals:
ethnocity in december at "the glaz'art" France, existence Dance Fetival in Barcelona the 30 of december, Nomads'new year party the 01 of january in London, The crazy castel party the 09 of february in France.
In 2008 he released his second psychedelik album "Algorythme" in december with a video clip for the album promotion, a compilation with sindar prod (organic drugs) the existence dance festival team , a bom shanka music compilation (pirates revolution) and many bookings all around the world: overzone party in italia the 18 october, Imagepflege party in hambourg the 01 November, and GanjaTree & Looney Moon rec "purple visions" the 14 february 2009.
In the another way, he create ambiant/electro music for pupett performer's plays in theatre (la compagnie parapluie)

BEATRAVE is the new french project of Gauthier DENIS from Soissons (near Paris).
Born in 1981, he begins the music in the age of 8 years with the piano and later with the bass guitar at 14 years. He discovers the psytrance in 1999 and begins to mix the next year.
In 2002, Gauthier meets ANAKA ( ELECTROCULT) and discovers the musical creation.
With his childhood friend, Victor (dj VEEK / SHADE) , he worked hard during 5 years before dashing into his solo project BEATRAVE.

Yuji Ohno from Osaka, Japan.
During his childhood he was quickly interested about electronic music, starting producing music at the age of 15.
In Japan, Gemini is highly active in the psytrance scene of Osaka, making numerous parties as part of Neuro-sounds promoter group.
After contacting Morphonic records in 2009, he refines his production and tracks during the past year, for delivering his first worldwide release, "Amateras" as a digital 4 tracks EP this autumn on Morphonic records.
With a musical background of Techno / House / Electro / Trance, Gemini's tracks are caracterized by emotional morning melody lines, ethnic samples and groovy running bass sound within variety of arrangements. This journey leads the listener to a spectacular world of morning sounds!
Gemini will also appear on the remix album from BIOKINETIX, on Geomagnetic (USA) with a remix of "Incredible Experience", and on the forthcoming Morphonic records compilation by DJ Toltek.


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