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Started by No Comment Records, 16 January 2008 à 16:29:57

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No Comment Records

We are proud to present our first release VA - Double Trouble. It is built from 3 conceptional parts creating special mood, vision and a way chosen by us. First (tracks 1-4) contains faster tracks, second part (tracks 5-8) slower of the same projects, third one the most interesting new polish projects according to our subjective taste. Writing faster we mean tracks ranging in our not wide BPM tolerancy.    :o


1. Multi Evil
2. LAB
3. Necropsycho
4. CPC
5. Multi Evil
6. LAB
7. Necropsycho
8. CPC
9. Gobit Vs Cube
10. Dynamid Vs Xolay Ax

RELAESE DATE: April 2008

Previews soon at our myspace.

Boooooooom!    ;)

No Comment Records


Previews available at our myspace ( ). Prevs are unmastered.

All previews soon at our site.

Boooom!   :D

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