Episode 1: DJ. M.U.T.E. set at Habehabe Tribe (Metapsychic Rec. show)

Started by Metapsychic Record, 02 November 2007 à 19:30:43

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Metapsychic Record

Episode 1: DJ. M.U.T.E. set at Habehabe Tribe (Metapsychic Rec. show)

The Metapsychic rec. show will be launched this Saturday with a mix from one of our djs, M.U.T.E. (Alien Detector). He is a well-established dj from Turkey and he’s actually living in Ankara. He started to mix first psychedelic trance and full-on 4 years ago, but later he discovered the way of Goa. So that's the reason why he started to play old school goa-trance at his sets and joined our label then. Since that time, he played in lot of parties and festivals in Turkey and travelled in several countries around the world like India and Ukraine more recently, playing next to big names of the trance scene like Astral Projection, Infected Mushroom, Koxbox, Psysex, M.F.G., Goasia, and many more…
For this opening show, M.U.T.E. prepared a savant mixture of old & new school tracks of which he has the secret. Expect tunes from Lost Buddha, Psysex, Ethereal, Deflo, Nasha, Mindsphere between others.

The show will be diffused first on Radioreal.hu (http://www.radioreal.hu/) at 11PM the 3rd November and you can stream it at those links:

-http://stream.radioreal.hu/192 - for 192kbps
- http://stream.radioreal.hu/128 - for 128kbps

Tracklist will be revealed after the diffusion of this show.   
For more infos about M.U.T.E., please check his website:  http://www.myspace.com/tolgoa
Many thanks to Peter of Radioreal.hu to organize and diffuse this event and for his trusting.
More will come very soon.

                                              Yourz faithfully,
                                              Metapsychic Rec.     
Neo Goa-Trance

Metapsychic Record

Some more precisions for the exact schedule of this show:

03/11/07: Radioreal (Hungary) at 11PM (UTC+1 hour CET)
>links for streaming:
- http://stream.radioreal.hu/192 ; (for 192kbps)
- http://stream.radioreal.hu/128 ; (for 128kbps)

>add those links to your
player (playlist files)
_ http://stream.radioreal.hu/192.pls
_ http://stream.radioreal.hu/128.pls

*For every show, to see at which hour it will be listening in your country, go to http://timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html *

Don't miss this event and we wish you a nice musical week-end
Neo Goa-Trance

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