dj Unitone - Freaks don't play tricks

Started by sunstation, 10 October 2007 à 19:38:31

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dj Unitone - Freaks don't play tricks (promo-mix)

genre: psytrance
length: 66 minutes
recorded: aug 2007 @ Tallinn, Estonia

01. Orion – Quick Step (Turbo Trance)
02. Delin – To See Be (Elixiria/unreleased)
03. Legohead – Feeble Minds (unreleased)
04. Error Corrective – Phlon (WildThings)
05. Pan Psychic & Medea – Alien Planet (MoonStation/unreleased)
06. O.O.O.D. – Oh My (Organic)
07. Gappeq – One Soul (Oxygen)
08. Artax – Le Frequence (Electric Power Pole)
09. Braincell – One Year After (Glowling Flame)
10. E vs.Y & Ocelot – Dreamatics (Cosmis Theatre)
11. Logic Bomb – Sonic Algebra (Solstice)
12. ManMadeMan – Escape (Turbo Trance)



Anton Borisov (Unitone) was born in Russia in 1984. When he was 3 years old his family moved to Tallinn (Estonia).
Since 2003 Anton started to get involved in organization of various trance parties in Estonia and performing as DJ Vision all across Baltic States (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia) and Finland.
In 2004 he entered the State St.Petersburg University and moved to St.Petersburg (Russia) where he continued performing at parties.
In 2005 Anton joined SunStation label as an A&R, promoter and resident DJ. Also he collaborated with Elixiria Media in Finland and represented it in Russia. He changed his name to Dj Unitone.
In his sets he plays different music always trying to amaze audience with something special. It can be funky & groovy psyprogressive for morning time as well as hypnotic & twisted psytrance for night hours. In chill-out areas Unitone usually prefers to play a mixture of IDM, chilled down electro and breaks with smooth psychedelic touch. In night clubs you can hear his sets with progressive house, minimal and electro grooves.
Unitone continues regularly performing on many events in Russia, Baltic States and Finland. He perfomed on big events like 5 Element & Sun Dance Music Festival (Estonia) and Klusa Daba Festival (Riga).
He played next to following artists and DJs: Human Blue(SWE), Sensient (Aus), Andromeda (DEN), Benza(Aus), Krumelur (SWE), Fuzzion (RUS), Loopus in Fabula (IT), Mungusid (UKR), Haltya (FI), Kiwa (FI), Sienis (SWE), Deviant Species (U.K), Puoskari (FI), Roam(Isr), Anar(FI), Vishnudata(FI), Gabriel (RU) and others.

SunStation is an independent electronic music label. It was founded in St.Peterburg in autumn'2005. The main purpose of SunStation is to become a
solid platform for talented artists who make especial and high-quality electronic music in Russia and all over the world. Among the label activities there are: releasing music(CDs, Digital, WEB); organizing events with world-famed DJs and projects & SunStation artists; promoting the label artists; organizing and managing performances of the artists on the different russian and foreign parties, festivals, cultural events. SunStation is interested in wide range of music styles (progressive, psychedelic, down tempo, IDM, experemental, etc.)


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