SYNAESTHESIA 8 le 20/10/2007

Started by Any Gmatik, 25 September 2007 à 22:52:34

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Any Gmatik

ANY GMATIK presents

Saturday 20 October 2007
2 Rooms on 2 levels

=>First time in France <=

DJ Set – CHRISS FULLMOON (Full Moon Festival Organisation) Germany
=> .Organizer of one of the biggest world festival « the Fullmoon Festival », Chriss exceptionally pays us a visit to deliver a set representative of his country; Psyché Night Full On Morning.

Live Act – EARLY REFLECTIONS (Any Gmatik / Body & Mind / Parvati Rec) Paris / Avignon
=> Early Reflections is the new psychedelic project of Wilfried Decaesteker “Phonic Request”, which one does not need to present anymore, and of Olivier Charpier “Akhoa”, Dj of the Team “Body & Mind” since 1994.  Very strong  Phyché Night influences can be found in this project.

Live Act – NOISY PIPES (Sonic Motion Rec – D.A.R.K. - Triplag) Paris

=>. Inveterate musician with rock and gothic influences, Nicolas aka Sandy Klaud will carry us to his psychedelic universe full of phantomatic ambiances that will charm our senses. First time in the region.

DJ Set – DAVIDSHANTI (TERRAFORMERS - Mahogany Rec) Bordeaux
=>.For his first coming out in the region, this internationally known Dj will share a mostly dynamic mix with us. His stage friends are GMS, Hallucinogen, X-Dream, Astrix, Eskimo, Mekkanika, CPU, Atomic Pulse, Total Eclipse, Bamboo Forest, Oforia, GBU, Transwave, Commercial Hyppies, to  liist only a few of them.

DJ Set – ANAKENA (KumQuat Tunes) Paris
=>. For her first time in the South East of France, this Dj will distill progressive as well as psychedelic soniorities. A Warm up that promises to be most magic. 

DJ Set - SAYKO YAN (Any Gmatik – Sonic Motion Rec) Nice
=>.Co-founder of Any Gmatik, he will propose a dynamic and rythmical set, that he has the secret.

pecial Fluo Deco – PUNKADELIK (

Visual Mix - COSMIC UNITY (Red Eyes’ Nix - Autonomous Earth Nation) Marseille


DJ Set – CELSIUS (Om Made) Paris

22h – 8h
No Dogs

All infos can be found on our website, under 'AGENDA'
and in registering to receive our newsletter !!

Demands for accreditations and stalls before 14 October 2007 =>

Pass on info to those who do not have Internet, Infoline: 06 98 18 71 79

Strict but friendly security

No Dogs. Thanks to respect the environment !

We hope to count you among us to help make TRANCE live in the South East.

See you soon,
the AnyGmatik Team - -

Any Gmatik

Désolé mais je ne savais pas où la poster sinon....

J'ai pas trouvé la rubrique agenda....

Mimik :P



pas de problemes ici pour ça ;)

l'idéale c'est sur le site section agenda , cependant tu peu poster librement ici !!!!!!

@ bientôt

Psychedelic Peace Party
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Bamboo Production

Yeah elle a l'air d'etre bien sympa votre party mais nous ne pourrond pas nous y rendre (nous sommes sur paris) mais d'ici ca sent bon le spirit votre site est superbe avec photo vidéo et tout, respect et bonne soirée le 20.10.07

Pour ceux qui vivent dans le sud mater de pret les info ca a l'air frais comme tout.

Good Sound Is Good Life ! ! !

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