Lunarave - The 4th Sun (Hadra Records) OUT NOW !!

Started by TriskelePR, 29 October 2010 à 18:10:48

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Lunarave - The 4th Sun (Hadra Records)

OUT NOW !!!!!

All the prophecies, all the traditions of our world are converging towards the years that we are presently crossing.

From dusk till dawn of mankind, traverse some high points of history through the hypnotic sphere of psytrance.

No need to tell you more, just listen to wake up and start searching for the truth.

To hear samples click on tracknames

CD track listing:
01. The Dawn
02. Eden Ecology
03. Golden Age
04. In Nomine
05. La conquista del Paraiso
06. Pow Wow (LunaRoot Remix)
07. Modern Times
08. Truth is Out There
09. The 5th Dimension

| Available in both .mp3 and .wav formats |
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Digital Talk - Audio Extremists


VA - Hadracadabra 5

D_Root - RootART

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