MPREP03: Lost Buddha - Regeneration (Goa-trance), Metapsychic Rec.

Started by Metapsychic Record, 25 August 2007 à 21:49:01

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Metapsychic Record

After the previous success on "Ataraxia" , Lost Buddha now returns with his new debut single "Regeneration".

Prices will be the following : 1¤ for mp3 320KPBS , 2¤ Wav format , with cover included .

Tracklist :

1- Regeneration   8:13
2- Embryo           7:23

Coverart by *-licia- (
Additional artwork by Filipe Santos
Mastered by Dave (Infinite Dimensions)

Please support our artists buying this release @


Metapsychic Records

Le best of 100% goa de Lost Buddha "Untold Stories" arrive très prochainement courant septembre et une version wav sera aussi disponible. Nous avons décidé de sortir avant cet E.P., "Regeneration", pour vous faire patienter jusque là et pour nous excuser des très longs délais encourus.

Please, buy this release and support the artists and the goa music.

Best Regards,
Metapsychic Rec
Neo Goa-Trance

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