Extazya&pinkedelic europe tour 2007

Started by extazya, 25 August 2007 à 16:25:45

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Extazya(dark records) & Pinkadelic 2007 october tour Europe.
To all party organizers , its the time to book these 2 promising artists, who are already playing
at the Happy festival live act.
the 2 artists seek more booking at europe so feel free to book them between the dates of:
October 2007 - January 2008

Extazya myspace :


Pinkadelic myspace :


contact :

Extazya msn : yonidayan@hotmail.co.il

Pinkadelic msn : marcio_zimerman9@hotmail.com

Extazya email : extazya@nana.co.il

Pinkadelic email : marcio_zimerman9@hotmail.com

Extazya (dark records , shaman films records , caffix records , anomalistic records ,psybertribe records

Pinkadelic (independent

Extazya - trance bookings

   for bookings please contact manuel pimenta : info@trancebookings.com

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