[CD's] V.A. The First Psychedelic Trip (Trilogy)

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Artist.....: V.A.
Genre......: Psychedelic
Label......: Psydom Recordz
Url........: www.psydomtrance.blogspot.com
Year.....: Vol.01 and Vol.02 - 2006 / Vol.03 - 2007

V.A. - The First Psychedelic Trip [Volume.01]

Play List:
01-Minimoonstra - Full Love
02-Red Sun - Shalon
03-Agressive Lines - Mental Crash
04-HYT - Machine Error
05-Xpiral - Hell Time
06-Quarkup - Foreign Tricks
07-Smile and Fun - Tribal Night
08-Alkimia - Drop Acids Not Bombs
09-Beat Gate - In My Brain

download link: http://rapidshare.com/files/47433398/_The.Fisrt.Psy.Trip.Vol.01_.rar

V.A. - The First Psychedelic Trip [Volume.02]

Play List:
01-MPA - Anything To Say
02-Psyfullohms - NNdance
03-Mental Chip Vs Spectral Hades - Magical Killer
04-Minimoonstra - Waiting For Me
05-X-Action - Evolution
06-Smile and Fun - Ecologic
07-DNI - Simple Saw
08-Agressive Lines - Hyper Therapy
09-Subversive Activity - Soldiers
10-B_Traxxx - MaximumHz
11-Scrovinsky - Dew
12-Xdra - First Time
13-Astrancer - Mantrayana

download link: http://rapidshare.com/files/47446868/_The.Fisrt.Psy.Trip.Vol.02_.rar

V.A. - The First Psychedelic Trip [Volume.03]

Play List:
01-Asteroide - Reason
02-Minimoonstra - Fly In Your Dreams
03-Prisma - Psycho Trip
04-Eletric T Volts - Vision Nice
05-Becoming Intense Vs. K-Khoma - Monkey Business
06-d.N.i - Dr. Freak
07-Overflow - Shadow Dancer
08-Time Reactor - Body Base
09-Team Radio - We Are Crazy
10-Ae Neien Vs. Digit - PsyOcean

part one: http://rapidshare.com/files/47527833/_The.Fisrt.Psy.Trip.Vol.03_.part1.rar
part two: http://rapidshare.com/files/47537030/_The.Fisrt.Psy.Trip.Vol.03_.part2.rar

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