Egorythmia - Beyond Gravity E.P.- Coming soon

Started by gerrard, 09 September 2010 à 13:37:58

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Boban Laszowksi, better known as Egorythmia from Macedonia,
is one of the artists in the new generation of psy progressive acts
who causes a lot of excitement at the moment.

There was almost no festival around europe this summer where he did
not present his energetic liveset. And still he is experiencing a continious
demand on his person, a fact which is not surprising the experts because
Egorythmia's sound comes a long as a fresh and unique deep progressive
trance style, filled with bass pressure, brain smashing sound scapes,
all packed in tidy arrangements.

This 'Beyond Gravity' EP is giving you a forecast of what you can expect
from the upcoming debut album which will be released at IONO Music in the next weeks.

exclusive in IONO SHOP from 17.09.2010 !!!

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