VA Cosmic Flower - Kids of Sun (Summer 2007)

Started by spacer, 20 July 2007 à 19:24:07

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Dear all,

we released third mp3 cosmy compilation
VA Cosmic Flower - Kids Of Sun(Summer 2007),
now available for free download at ,
25 tracks to bring harmony to your mind, free stuff from highly respected musicians from whole of the world.
Compilation is selected in 4 parts by the way, you can listen goa psytrance experimental tracks you never listen before.
You can Open your mind, relax and listen, that you come deep in jungle of sounds, atmosphere of summer wheather in motion of molecules of tunes and atoms of rhythms continued to nice summer trip to forest and woods to nature with cosmic love.
Thanks to all artists you can listen for their music and for their thinking, that this is free as native, free as nature,
and free as their minds.

Cosmic Flower - Kids of Sun (2007)

Welcome/Intro :
SatanicElectro - Intro

Sector1 / Mind openning :
Kalikaye Namah - Shivohum
ManMadeMan - Listen once 192
Xun - Pulsar
Checkpoint V - Planet
Mastaguru - Vector 6.31
Neon - Annihilation
Circular Snake - Crystal in the dark
Swan X-1 - The Keepers
Electro Monk - Higher Realms2
Bicamereal - Psychedelic poly picnic

Place2 / Deep in jungle :
HaraBurda - Buble Menhirm
Palindrom - Move along sir
Chaotic Synthetics - Planet Atom
Faxi Nadu - Green Dune Flight
Pzyko - Bad boy tune
Big Bacterials - Beautifiul
Skyhighatrist - The Void
Jesus Raves - Tandaramandara
Alleycat - Cant Go Home (theCarp)

Space3 / Forest trip :
OverhumanProject - Mystic technology
Electric project - Night Fog
Fabrics - Coretex (Tek Mix)

Outro / Cosmic Love :
Ccpurno - Gox

Thanks to Rafael for new faced site and Cybernetika for his intro.

We would like to thanks to this server crew for put out this topic, to let you know, that its out

Mirek Spacer
a Cosmic Flower

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