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Started by PAR-2 Productions, 08 July 2007 à 08:46:29

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PAR-2 Productions

PAR-2 Productions Presents Mainspring Motion.

Mainspring Motion is a compilation from artists spanning the globe.

Amygdala - Oxylerator II

Anakoluth - Vaporizing Glares

ProSect - Tribalogic (Amygdala Remix)

Zekazy - Inspiration Drainer

Symphonics Vs 11 - D.B.S.S.

Fizzy - Hymn In Honor Of Symphonics

Jikkenteki Vs Symphonics Vs 11 - Three Blind Mice

E-mantra - Crop Circles

ProSect - Dr. Ivan And The Mad Peyote

Time, evolution, progression. In the world of music, nothing is static. The passage of time gives us variations on themes, revives old forms and gives us the tried and true. Time also brings listeners the unexpected, pushing the envelope and evolving into ideas divergent from which came before. PAR-2's belief has always been that a storming track is a storming track regardless of style, content or age. Rather than focusing on the narrow boundaries of what's "in" at the moment, Mainspring Motion is an exploration of many faces of psychedelic trance from its early days, to the present, and into the future. It is what it is, and it is what it isn't. A good track does not degrade over time. In fact, as time passes we realize the excellent qualities of a production and can look back to see the truly innovative forms that shaped music going forward. Good music will always work well regardless of stylistic variations.

The past gives us now, now gives us the future.

Keep your feet in the past, your attention in the now and your dreams in the future.

We will be making the entire album available online for previewing in the near future but for the moment the Jikkenteki Vs Symphonics Vs 11 - Three Blind Mice can be heard in full at Jikkenteki's Myspace page at

PAR-2 Productions

Our programmer is still working on the programing on the website for the zipped full preview version of the album, but in

the meantime we've uploaded this lo-fi full length preview as one file for your sampling pleasure. Listen at


We are also now taking pre-orders of the album directly at which will be

shipped as soon as we get the CD from the printing plant (we expect pre-orders to be mailed out no later than July 27th).

PAR-2 Productions

Mainspring Motion is now available in its entirety on 192k mp3 for previewing purposes. The .zip file can be downloaded at Click on the CD covers to access the releases page and head to the Mainspring Motion page for the download. :) Pre-orders for the actual CD are also currently available. $10 USD with free shipping to anywhere in the world.

PAR-2 Productions

"Mainspring Motion" has arrived! It will be filtering into various shops in the next couple weeks, however it is available NOW directly from .

PAR-2 Productions has been kind enough to host the full length preview version of "Mainspring Motion". For those looking to "try before you buy", head over there and give it a listen.

PAR-2 Productions

Quick uno insulte pleaseate here. "Mainspring Motion" will be available at Saiko Sounds from Aug 31st.

Also, we have uploaded the entire PAR-2 Productions catalog to All the tracks from all three releases are available for listening in their full length and the majority of them are also available for free download at 128k so you can try before you buy.

PAR-2 Productions

The first reviews of Mainspring Motion are starting to come in. Check them out here.

Mainspring Motion is now available at Saiko Sounds!

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