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Started by moleirinho, 09 October 2007 à 13:01:01

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It's hard to say this but we the printed version of "Goagadar Magazine" will be discontinued. In spite of the growing success, wewe were forced to make that decision because it was impossible to balance balance costs versus receipts. Our readers' profile includes less and less buyers of the traditional magazines and the inherent industry's investment is practically null.

However, we have decided to keep the project alive which is why we are developing a new flash format with foreseen edition for this month of October.

The Goagadar Magazine is a different version of online digital magazine than is currently being offered by other magazines. Where as others are set up like a storyboard of no insulte pleaseFs, ours will present itself to you for reading just like an actual magazine -- with pages you can turn, forwards and backwards -- just the same as when you are flipping through a printed publication.

June Issue in Flash (click on Magazines list - Last Issue - #03 Feb/Jun 2007):

Keep up the good spirits!

Goagadar Magazine Team

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