~ Stay Human ~ 17-23 August 2007 (South Albania) ~

Started by hallucinator, 05 July 2007 à 12:12:14

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Stay Human Logo:

Stay Human is one of the first events of this type, that is going to be held during the 17-23 August, in South Albania (in Lukova village, near Saranda).

This event is a collaboration between:
Tirana Underground (http://www.tiranaunderground.com),
Kultura Jinak - Prage (http://www.metamorphose.cz) and
SDC posse feat. GanjaLabria (http://www.myspace.com/sdcposse) .

Sound systems that will be available in Stay Human:

From the Dubmeeting collective: I Militant Sound System (Lecce/Bari)- Reggae/Dub
Link - http://www.dubmeeting.com

SdcPosse (Catanzaro/Bolognia) - Hip Hop
Link - http://www.myspace.com/sdcposse

From the Roots'nFuture crew: Africa Sound System (Prague) - Dub/Jungle/Break-beat
Link - http://www.rootsnfuture.org/

Dejavu Sound System (Prague) - Break Core / Electro
Link - http://www.system-dejavu.org

Tirana Underground crew (Tirane): Psytrance
Link - http://www.tiranaunderground.com

From Electro-Alb crew (Germany): Dj Pit - Electro/Minimal
Link - http://www.electro-alb.com

Yudhisthira (Macedonia) - Ambient/Psy
Link - http://www.myspace.com/yudhisthira






More info from the Lukova village can be found here :

Arriving at the location will not be difficult. We will provide busses that will travel from Tirana (capital of Albania) to Lukova (the village where the event is being held). The departure will begin in 17 August. we will also provide maps and route finder for people who will come outside Albania. Stay tunned.

More info on the line-up, website and flyer coming soon.

For More Info:

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