VA - Hybrid Reaction (DARKDD001) 2007 compiled by En Sof

Started by VEDA, 07 June 2007 à 18:23:43

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Artist: VA
Name: Hybrid Reaction
Label: En Sof
Genre: Breakbeat, Chillout, IDM, Psychedelic Trance
Date: May 22, 2007
Format: FLAC (wav)
Length: 87:14

Front cover:

Back cover:


VA - Hybrid Reaction (DARKDD001) 2007 compiled by En Sof

01 - Omiq Project - The Rebirth 6:07 98bpm
02 - Gordon Shumway - Jeff Kills 6:12 146bpm
03 - Binary - Hard on the Dance Floor 7:43 144bpm
04 - Simian - Shas-oh 6:56 150bpm
05 - Kryptum - Sequential Illusions 7:45 150bpm
06 - Ethereal Forms - Bouncing The Nether 8:02 149bpm
07 - LAB - Extraction Point 6:13 150bpm
08 - Brain Train - Huge 6:33 153bpm
09 - ZenMind - Cosmic Trip 7:02 154bpm
10 - Tetrahedron - Lodge Of Oniric Prophecies 5:21 170bpm
11 - Sergio Walgood - Crystal Constellations 11:57 85bpm

Bonus Track - Indepth - End of the Tunnel (2007 rmx) 7:18 160bpm

Total length: 87m14s

Mastering by: Daniel Belo
Compiled by: En Sof - Portugal
Distributed by: D-A-R-K Records

En Sof is a portuguese events and artists promotion agency based in Porto, Portugal. After four years of existence En Sof has built a solid reputation in the psychedelic culture all over Portugal, especially in Porto.

They are now releasing their first compilation titled " Hybrid Reaction " which will present a true conceptual landscape of En Sof's artists and a good feeling of their events. They brought into the psychedelic trance field many good artists over the last years, introducing new talents such as Binary, LAB, Kryptum, Simian and Gordon Shumway. In the ambient / chillout area, good projects like Omiq Project, Tetrahedron and Sérgio Walgood have raised. D-A-R-K Records is proud to associate with En Sof team in the online distribution of this unique hybrid compilation project!

We hope this joint venture will be delightful to you!

Be well chaps!

Get yourself a digital copy (FLAC ---> WAV)

Will be for sale as well on: ~ mp3 ~ mp3 ~ mp3/wav ~ mp3/wav ~ mp3 ~ mp3 ~ mp3


Very interesting VA for those who dig many styles, mainly psy but there are nice complementary tracks.

Chillout guys!

Boom :o

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