MPREP02 - Pandemonium! - "A Mad Scientists Night": Goa Available for free!

Started by Metapsychic Record, 29 May 2007 à 19:51:50

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Metapsychic Record

This time we proudly present Pandemonium! (AKA Lost Buddha) with his   
new EP "A Mad Scientists Night". Have you ever wondered what happens 
inside the laboratory? What happens to all the products they produced   
in there. The Mad Scientists will tell you what goes around in the       
night there. You will hear some very strange noises, claviets and what   
not, see some very strange potions and experiments. One might wonder     
if the biggest parties are in the laboratory of our Mad Scientists.     
But be warned you might go crazy when you get to know the truth behind   
it all;)                                                               
After that you will hear Alibaba's own story about the Acid Puzzle.     
One might wonder what the hell a Acid Puzzle is but i have given my     
word to Alibaba not to tell, so you would have to discover it           
yourself. But i can tell you one thing, its fast, its moving and its     
just as crazy as the lab with our Mad Scientists and maby its even       
connected to the lab, who knows? But Alibaba's way is very far, he has   
tried many things, he put up with much but finally the journey came to   
a end...or did it?;)                                                   
Turn on, Tune in and drop the hell out to find out the answers of this   
magic journey...     

1-A Mad Scientists Night 145BPM
2-Alibaba and the 40 Acid Puzzle 143BPM
Mastered by Dave aka Infinite Dimensions

The EP is officially out NOW!


Here are the download links:




Thanks for your amazing support!! Keep in touch for the upcoming metapsychic releases.
Lost Buddha+Octodur+Cosmogenesis = Metapsychic Team

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