FREE EDITION MP3 320kbps. "A little Different" - Itaitaiko

Started by moleirinho, 24 May 2007 à 10:28:47

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Respect music's value and the choices of those who make it!

To love both music and the Artists who create, interpret or execute it, is not compatible with the constant assault to its most elemental rights. Loving has different shapes. Of course we're talking about inspirational pirates. And it's this globalisation of this assault to the artists' creativity and to all the other intervenient in recording industry that it urges to stop. It's our responsibility to prevent artists, especially the youngest and less noticeable, from suffering the brutal economical impact that comes from the sales downfall of their records. It’s against the law! Record companies invest money in new artists, and recoup that by having the exclusive right to authorise copies of their recordings. Record companies are the principal investors in artists; a lot of money is spent annually in the creative process that results in new sound recordings. If no one paid for music, record companies would have little incentive to invest in new artists.

Online music piracy – the Quantic Chill Records response

As an attempt to revert that process throughout the sensibilization of all people, we decided to offer a free issue of our edition "A little Different" - Itaitaiko - MP3 320kbps. All you have to do is access our online store.

We would ask you to stop doing this because you are going to destroy the music business!

Goagadar Magazine issue #03 + V/A Quantic Vol 1 SOON

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