MPRCD02 - VOX - Innerpolarity Re-released! (Goa-trance)

Started by Metapsychic Record, 18 May 2007 à 21:49:18

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Metapsychic Record

After tons of requests and mails regarding our second release, "Innerpolarity" of Tomislav Crncic aka "Vox", which couldn't unfortunately be distributed in wav format when it was released back in february, and wasn't available after that since a few months because of hosting problems, we have now the pleasure to inform you now that we finally found a solution for this great album.

Not only the album is now available again both in mp3 and wav format, but Tomislav, never satisfied of his work, decided to remaster a bit "Inner Polarity" in order to improve its audio quality. The new version is now crystal clear and totally mindblowing!! That will certainly overjoyed his fans and all of us. We would like to thank Tomislav for his great job and for the hosting. 


01 - Analog heaven  7:34
02 - Atmosfear       7:35
03 - Behind the wheel  9:56
04 - Over the clouds  8:14
05 - Mayana    8:43
06 - Euphoria (with DJ Steve)   8:53
07 - City of black lights   8:07
08 - Inner polarity   7:54

The links to download it :

320kb/s > mp3 version: (150 mb)

wav format version: (480 mb)
Neo Goa-Trance

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