MPRCD05 - Mindsphere - "Inner Cyclone" (Goa-trance), Metapsychic Records

Started by Metapsychic Record, 09 May 2007 à 21:57:45

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Metapsychic Record

It’s with a great pleasure that Metapsychic Records would like to present its 5th release, “Inner Cyclone”, the first album of Ali Akgun, alias Mindsphere. This exclusive promotion reunites Ali’s best tracks which were played in his numerous live performances across Turkey, during the period 2003-2006, and contains also a chill-out piece of his new ambient project called Mindphoria.

(artwork cover made by Bruno aka "Astrancer")


1. Painful story (150bpm) 10:59
2. Mindrama (148bpm) 10:03
3. We have a dream (147bpm) 07:48
4. Wasted years (148bpm) 08:43
5. Operation side (148bpm) 10:37
6. To infinity (145bpm) 09:34
7. Inner cyclone (150bpm) 11:15
8. Fusion (92 bpm) 07:36

*Mastered by Bobby Ognyanov aka Synogen/Aerosis (Suntrip rec.)

The main concept of “Inner Cyclone” is to propulse the listeners/dancers in the middle of a tornado of high sensitive feelings and authentic emotions, directly inspired by Ali’s various experiences of life. The goa fans will be certainly touched and bewitched by the diversified oriental tonalities of this dynamic & melodic eastern-influenced album, which will recreate in your mind a subliminal panoramic vision of the mythic Anatolia. Prepare your spirit and mind out your sphere!

A teaser of the album is available there>>> Mindsphere - "Inner Cyclone" Preview:

The album is currently on mastering and we hope to offer it with the other announced releases until the end of the summer. Ali already released the track "Molecular Restrictive" on VA/Pyramidal Trancendence and soon the track "Perception" will appear on the upcoming VA/Human Hyperactivation.
Furthermore, Mindsphere is currently working hard for a totally exclusive and official brand-new album with unprecedented material, which we hope will be released for 2008. "Inner Cyclone" can be considered as a foretaste of what we can expect in the future from this talented artist.
Neo Goa-Trance

Metapsychic Record

Bobby/Aerosis has all our trust to do this mastering, which- I have no doubt for that-, will be excellent and high quality, and even more because he will get new material for his studio, hehe.  He has a great knowledge of the sound and got experience in software not only for the music but also for other subjects. Thanks a lot, Bobby, for your help.
Neo Goa-Trance

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