Ep Sonika_Select. by Teknical Ikon (New Mastering Version and Free Download)

Started by Dinsha Prana recs, 26 August 2010 à 15:06:58

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Dinsha Prana recs

At February of this year Va Sonika_Selected by Teknical Ikon year was published in the biggets online music stores with great succses and acceptance
worldwide. Now Dinsha Prana records want to thanks to everybody for your support. That is why we are so glad to present : Ep Sonika_(New Mastering Version and as FREE DOWNLOAD) for you !
A unique selection of the great new genious of the Psytrance global scene, 4 new exclusive and innovator tracks. From the powerful and legendary Psychedelic Trance sound of Ibiza with ¨Quantica¨ and ¨Creactive¨ , to the seductive and warm waves of Brazil with one of the most appresiate and original live act on the top global music ¨Echoactive¨. Travelling through the melodic Psychedelic Full on Morning Trance of ¨Teknical Ikon¨.
¨Sonika¨ is a new rocking mix between clean and solid bass lines with deep melodies loaded of energy, new and madness waves breaking the limits of sound technology to a new hi level... With a BPM range from 144 and 147 is an amazing Psytrance experience for everyone who loves and appresiated the best quality sound in your ears. THANK YOU !


1 QUANTICA_Chica Atomica
3 TEKNICAL IKON_Shamanical
4 ECHOACTIVE_Do you Believe in Faith

Free Download on :

*Ektoplazm : http://www.ektoplazm.com/2010/sonika

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