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Welcome to our summer issue! Summer is coming and so are holidays and parties as well! It's time to enjoy and relax, stroll around and dance! So, if you want to cheer up your Summer even more don't miss reading the new edition of Goagadar Magazine!

In this edition you can read the following articles:
- Festivals reports: Maitreya Festival (Australia) and Maha Shiva ratri Festival (Nepal);
- Interviews with Antix, D. Bastistos and Fullmoon organization;
- Preview: Freedom Festival and Sonica Festival;
- Articles: Travellers, 13 Moon Calendar Of Natural Time and The Spirit of the Trees;
- Vjing with Masterdamus;
- Albums reviews, Art and many more…

With this edition, we continue to bet on good music, offering an exclusive CD from Quantic Chill Records, a special edition packed in Jewell Case, offering unreleased tracks from artists that will be the editor’s choice for the next times.

It's been a year since we started the Quantic dream and now is the right time to give voice to the artists that have been spreading love and good vibes throu their music. We're an independent label, a colective, a group of friends, musicians, free and passionate people and we believe we are giving an important step to our small "seashore planted movement". Because there is an alternative culture and an MAPS scene in Portugal and this work is also the outcome of years of dedication from the scene and artists. The Portuguese MAPS movement expands from North to South of Portugal and beyhond borders, from psyparties to the BOOM Festival, from Tuatara to Concerts/Gigs. This has been our passion and our way of live.

Line Up

1. "Indigo Revolution" by Teresa Gabriel
written by Teresa Gabriel
performed by Teresa G. (guitars; vocals) Gil Nazaré (synthesizer)
produced by Gil Nazaré and Teresa Gabriel

2. "Full Moon" by MAPS Indages
written, performed and produced by Gil Nazaré
Lyrics and Vocals by Teresa Gabriel

3. "Tribolik" by Balancé
written by Pedro Monteiro
performed by Pedro Monteiro (synthesis) Sergio Polho (Clarinet) Nuno Monteiro (guitar)
produced by Gil Nazaré and Pedro Monteiro

4. "The Walk" by The Smiley Pixie
written, performed & produced by Fernando Abreu

5. "No Lights" by Sunrise Emotions
written & produced by Ramiro Correia

6. "O Tempo Oscila Sobre o Embondeiro" by Sergio Walgood
written, performed & produced by Sergio Walgood

7. "Ride On The Countryside" by The Smiley Pixie
written, performed & produced by Fernando Abreu

8. "Azul Suave Nostálgico" by MAPS Indages
written, performed & produced by Gil Nazaré

Executive Production by Gil Nazare @ Quantic Chill Records
Compiled and Mastered by Chill Gil in a private audiophile room.
Artwork by Mark Lee and José Cordeiro

What and Where to get it?

This compilation is part of Goagadar Magazine (issue#3) and may be bought from our store or online distributor.

@ http://www.quantic-chill.com/store/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=27

@ http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/web/web1cd003.html


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