Protonica - Search - OUT NOW!

Started by AP Records, 14 May 2007 à 04:06:09

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AP Records

Finally the awaited debut album of Protonica - "Search" is out now!
We are existed with the sharp and brilliant Progressive Psy Trance album from one of the most promising names in the German scene. Piet Kaempfer & Ralf Dietze from Berlin have been carefully crafting their unique progressive sound in the last years. After the release of their successful "Orion Sleepers" EP the duo kept perfecting their sound. The Style of Protonica is a mix of Progressive Trance & House with a Psychedelic influences, precise production, Groovy & Shaky, as well as Emotional & Spiritual.

Protonica - Search

Track list:

1. Planet Gaia
2. Upstream
3. Closed For Operation
4. Ice Impressions
5. Blue Orange
6. Morphing Lights
7. Orion Sleepers (Ovnimoon Remix)
8. Life Zero
9. Hall Der Waldgeister

Samples, Info & Pics:

AP Records

Bamboo Production

PROTONICA It's PERFECT Progressive trance ! ! !

Favorite track : Ice Impression.

See you in fullmoon festival 2007  ;)

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