ELECTRIC INDIGO_Album debut of Gryogenic (Dinsha Prana Records) Out Now !

Started by Dinsha Prana recs, 28 July 2010 à 16:32:57

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Dinsha Prana recs

Before a hard and long work and dedication into the studio, Dinsha Prana Records is coming back to present the album debut of ¨CRYOGENIC_Electric Indigo¨. One of the new and mots appraised live act of the France and International Psytrance scene formed by Frederic Pineau and David Picherau. Regarding to the scense-self of magical Psychedelic Trance sound that we love and connect us with the deeper of our-selfs within the dance floors, Cryogenic stamp on this new project their unique and personal sound distinguished and backing for a great and intensive work of produccion and creation offering the best audio quiality for your ears and deligth of your feelings.

¨Electric Indigo¨ is an hipnotic and electric music propouse that traveling through the Psychedelic Full on Trance, macking an exiting fusion of powerful bass lines with elegant beats, amazing and unique melodic sequences and deep atmospheres, with clear touches of quality on each track. This new album will make to stand-upto the most tired of bodys to dance and jumpping into the dance floor of anyplace of planet. A new release of Hi Quality edited one more time by Dinsha Prana Records.
You Cannot to resist to get it !!


1 Across
2 Electrik Indigo
3 Furfit
4 Leag
5 Psyka Sound
6 Sorcery
7 Statuco
8 Tijoune
9 Welcome to the machine

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