Indian Spirit Festival - 12 Years Anniversary - 02. - 06.09.2010 - Northern Ger

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Indian Spirit Festival - 12 Years Anniversary  - 02. - 06.09.2010 - Northern Germany



Ancient Indian tribe gatherings and modern Trance culture do have a huge amount of common grounds. This astonishing fact can be watched every year at the first weekend in September on an acre in North- East Germany: Now and then the members of the tribe travel even from remote areas to join these ritual meetings. And so now and then it become pretty colourful gatherings. Now and then the party attendants dance ecstatically to percussive rhythms. And now and then a mystic, yes magic moment evolves during these gatherings: The legendary Spirit.

On the one hand, Indian Spirit Festival marks the ending of the North- European outdoor season, on the other there are quite some reasons why it could be described as it’s climax. The musical program is an absolute highlight from year to year, for all the different corners of nowadays Trance scene: If sunlit Progressive, intoxicating Psychedelic or Full On sounds, energy- loaded Dark or streamlined Nu School Progressive- just every style is featured. And not just somehow: Names like California Sunshine, 40%, Domestic, Liquid Soul, Midimal, Emok, Gaudium or John Phantasm represent the current musical crème de la crème and this is just an extract from the huge line up. The pushing sounds from these artists can be heard out of a sophisticated 8-point sound system, which the one or the other might remember from 2007. Last year’s very positive feedback about the Dark floor will be put to practice, by the way, so that this area will be extended. A new decoration concept offers the appropriate scenery to meet the whole tribe again before the winter season starts, during the nights the site will be transform into a surreal ocean of lights, colours and laser beams.

Also the infrastructure of the festival has been improved. There will be shower containers provided with warm water. And concerning the rubbish, a separation of it will be introduced on the ground and also the tried and tested trash deposit will be kept.

To enjoy the very special atmosphere of Indian Spirit in a relaxed mood and being able to step on the gas and party extensively together with the sun, the moon and the stars one more time, the festival will be held for full five days!

While the music is taking a break, you got the opportunity to reach a state of deep relaxation by some yoga exercises. You will enjoy the physical aspect of this relaxation on the one hand, on the other you will experience your thoughts coming to rest, your soul spreading deep inside of you and your mind expanding.
To reach this, you will be taught special postures (Asanas), breathing exercises (Pranayama) and meditation techniques, and the energetic effect of these practices will be enforced and accompanied by Mantra music (sarced lyrics from India).
Everybody can attend, with or without yoga experience, preferable wearing comfortable clothes

If you are interested in this offer, please announce yourself at


TRAVEL - How To Go There:

Arrival by plane

nearest Airports:

- Berlin Tegel (TXL)
- Berlin-Schoenefeld(SXF)
- Berlin-Tempelhof(THF)

other Airports:

- Hamburg(HAM)
- Rostock-Laage(RLG)
- Hannover(HAJ)
- Leipzig-Halle(LEJ)
- Lübeck(LBC)
- Köln-Bonn(CGN)
- Frankfurt-Main(FRA)
- Frankfurt-Hahn(HHN)
- Munich(MUC)

After arriving to one of these airports you need to go by train to come to Wittstock ( Dosse ) Bahnhof.

Arrival Train Station: Wittstock (Dosse) Bahnhof
Use the Deutsch Bahn to get to your arrival trainstation \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Wittstock (Dosse)\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\". The train tickets to Wittstock (Dosse) are not bookable online. You can only purchase your ticket at the conductor in the train. A ticket from Berlin Schoenefeld to Wittstock/Dosse Bahnhof for example should cost a maximum of 11- Euros (one way).

From Airport Berlin Schoenefeld use S-Bahn S9 which is running directly till Berlin Spandau. The S9 is running every 20 minutes.
In Berlin Spandau you have to change into Regional Train to Wittstock (Dosse) which is running ervery hour from 5:16 AM till 8:16 PM.

From Airport Berlin-Tegel you should use Bus X9 to Zoologischer Garten, there you change into Subway No.7 to Berlin-Spandau and from there you change into the Regional Train to Wittstock (Dosse) Bahnhof, which should be also around 11,- Euro (one way)

From Berlin-Spandau the trains will run every hour between 5:16 AM and 08:16 PM . Also you can check [click here] and [click here], they offer also different languages.
From trainstation Wittstock (Dosse) Bahnhof we will offer a shuttle service to the festivalarea.

Shuttle Service Indian Spirit Festival 2008

driving Service for: shops, guests, rides to the festival and back to the trainstation, Wittstock (Dosse) Bahnhof

Shuttle Service ( Frank ) : +49(0) 173 8190286

taxi schmidt central
+49(0) 3394712321


Stallregistration / Standanmeldung:

Ihr könnt eure Stände bis zum 24. August bei uns registrieren lassen. Alle Anfragen die nach dem 24. August bei uns eintreffen werden nicht mehr bearbeitet !

Stall registrations are exclusively possible till 24th of August.

Mail to Stephan:



please,don´t forget a hammock !! there are preparations to put it in.
weather prooved dancefloor, showers, free camping, water, amazing nature and FREE LOVE !!!



Buy Here =>

01.03. - 21.05.2010 / 40,- euro ( + 5 euro garbage deposit, locally )
22.05. - 22.08.2010 / 45,- euro ( + 5 euro garbage deposit, locally )
presale: till August!!

E-Tickets & Hard Tickets:

Each ticket includes an unique bar code which will be scanned at the gates of the festival. It is only this bar code which is relevant for entry authorization.
The order and customer numbers as well as the name of the person who ordered the tickets will also be printed on the ticket to make an instant contact available in case of abuse.
Every bar code is included only once in our database: Multiplication is useless because it will become apparent at the gates of the festival.
Because of this, please remind: Buy your tickets only at authorized advanced ticked offices or online at [click here]

price at the gate 55 euro ( + 5 euro garbage deposit )

get your ticket here




16909 - Heiligengrabe - Northern Germany (Around 100 km from Berlin)

highway A24 Hamburg / Berlin - Exit Heiligengrabe - go straight through Heiligengrabe. continue direction Heiligengrabe / Pritzwalk. Heiligengrabe, follow the signs




40,00% (Kundalini Rec./Israel)
Aerospace (Spin Twist Rec./Israel)
Aquafeel (Spin Twist Rec./Israel)
A-Team (Nutek Rec./Spain)
Audiomatic (Spin Twist Rec./Ger.)
California Sunshine (Unnatural Rec./Israel)
Day Din (Spin Twist Rec./Ger.)
Decoy (Dance`N Dust Rec./Australia)
Domestic (Hommega Rec./Israel)
Gaudium (Iboga Rec./Sweden)
Jiser (Spin Twist Rec./Mexico)
Kularis (Spin Twist Rec./Ger.)
Lish (Echoes Rec./Israel)
Liquid Soul (Iboga Rec./Switzerland)
Maelstrom (Iboga Rec./Denmark)
Mekkanikka (Spirit Zone Rec./Spain)
Midimal (Echoes Rec./Israel)
Nok (Blue Tunes Rec./Ger.)
Painkiller (Nutek Rec./Spain)
Protonica (Iono Rec./Ger.)
Slackjoint (Millennium Rec./Ger.)
Sven Snug (Blue Tunes Rec./Ger.)
Symphonix (Blue Tunes Rec./Ger.)
Tenka (Groove Control Rec./DK)
Vaishiyas (Spin Twist Rec./Ger.)

Dj s

Akustik (Spin Twist Rec./Ger.)
Antaro (Spirit Zone/Thailand)
Audiomatic (Spin Twist Rec./Ger.)
Benni & Marco Moon (Spin Twist Rec./Ger.)
Burner (VuuV / Zuendstoff | Germany)
Chriss (Fullmoon/Ger.)
Djoanna (Waldfrieden/Ger.)
Dovla (Interchill Rec./Croatia)
Emok (Iboga Rec./Denmark)
Espark (Tenka/Denmark)
Fabio (Blue Tunes Rec./Ger.)
Feio (Xxxperience/Brasil)
Gandalf (November Ritual/Ger.)
Hamish (Further Project Rec./UK)
Intellifex (Spin Twist Rec./Ger.)
James Monro (4Digital Audio/UK)
John Phantasm (Phantasm Rec./UK)
Kaempfer & Dietze ( Iono Rec./Ger.)
Kiba (Moonsun Rec./Ger.)
Kiddo & Kossi (Berlin/Ger.)
Kimie (Spin Twist Rec./Ger.)
K-Isuma (Virus Tek Rec./Ger.)
Markyan (Soom/MK Rec./Italy)
Melburn & Gautama ( VuuV/(Ger.)
Montagu & Golkonda (Blue Tunes Rec./Ger.)
Natron (Solar-Tech Rec./Ger.)
Nigel (Revolve Mag./UK)
Osho (Echoes Rec./Israel)
R'deem (Purple Snow/Belgium)
Sally Doolally (Plastik Park/Ger.)
Sascha Flux (Attitude Rec./Ger.)
Starsky (Substical Rec./Ger.)
Syncron (Blue Tunes Rec./Ger.)
Thor (Millenium Rec.)
Timmi (Nordic Psy Mafia/Ger.)
Trang (Dreamfactory/NL)
V.Falabella (Spin Twist Rec./Brazill)
Wedanta (Nutec Rec./Ger.)
Zosma (Spin Twist Rec./Ger.)

Dark Stage


COSMO (SLOVAKIA) noise-poison
CTCDROPE (SPAIN) biomechanikal / kamino rec.
XABBU (BERLIN) 2to6 rec.
SUSHUPTI (PORTUGAL) mind expansion music
MEGALOPSY (ARGENTINA) dark prisma rec.
-Z- (ALPHA & ANTAGON) shivlink rec.


IKEN (AUSTRIA) k.n.e.c.h.t.
DJ ANT vs DJANE EKO (BERLIN) mind expansion music
CANNIBAL CROW (BERLIN) psycrowdelica
HALUNKE (BERLIN) alice-d prod.
MITRA (HH) ketuh rec.
CORIOUS (KOBLENZ) lycantrop rec.
WOOS (DK) protoned rec.


Chilling Algiz (Paraluna Project)
Deep Space Neuronom
Firechili fireperformance
FrancoFunghi (synergy tribe / recs.)
Das Kraftfuttermischwerk djset / live
Lotus Panasiem live
Maspy (Freakz on tour)
Marcel Lichtraum
Miller (Sonne, Wald & Wiese)
Re`em live
Sunfish live
Terra (Spin Twist Rec)
Tomeye (Envelope Rec./ Raendna)
Vladiswar Nadishana live



Neil Gibson
Lucysky Polyeidos
Palim Palim
Marcel Lichtraum


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