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Started by draeke, 08 June 2010 à 08:44:57

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DAT Records is proud to announce that the debut album of Crossing Mind is on the make.
Crossing Mind, aka Stephane Beze, is a very talented musician that made a lot of music since the late 90s, but he unfortunately passed unnoticed due to lack of promotion.

His debut album will feature 9 mind-blowing previously unreleased tracks.

1 Andromeda
2 Terminal Fantasy
3 Magnesia
4 Mental Escape
5 Hypnotropic
6 Lunatic Transfer
7 Psy Crise
8 United Pulse
9 Out Of Time

Artwork: Dj Zen
Mastering: Tim Schuldt
Release Date: July 2010

All this music was composed between 1999 and 2002 and was tested live and in DJ set during the last years, always receiving very positive response by the crowd.
His skills are on par with famous artists and the sound of his music is somehow similar to early Pleiadians, Toi Doi, Transwave, Green Nuns of The Revolution, Tandu, MFG & others.

Prepare to trance & fly with the music of Crossing Mind!

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