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Started by sue, 08 May 2007 à 06:11:17

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we are extremely happy to announce you that Psylife records' first compilation
ON THE RIGHT PATH is finally coming out!
- release date: June 2007

you can find out more info about the release at our website:
or at our myspace page:


Psylife Records presents: V/A ON THE RIGHT PATH
Compiled and mastered by Adam Hohmann of Para Halu

01. Para Halu - Baharica Biknindo
02. Ocelot - BomShakaLakaBom
03. Tsabeat - BlackOutPut
04. Encephalopaticys - Athma
05. Megalopsy - Zalig
06. Phobos Azazel - Metal Drops
07. Chemical Spoon - Final Destination
08. Blisargon Demogorgon - Black and White
09. CPC - Radio Boga
10. The Path - Stories from the Purgatory

After several years of music production and touring all over the world's psytrance events from Japan to Brazil, releasing three albums and countless tracks on various compilations, the time has come to Adam Hohmann to collect some of his most respected international artists for a debut compilation called: On the right path.

This path will lead you to the fields of powerful and intelligent psychedelic tunes with the help of such well respected artists like the bassline-wizard Ocelot from the USA, Argentina's blasting Megalopsy duo, the russian deep-psy-master CPC, or the israeli Tsabeat, with his unforgettable funky rhythms.

Besides them some recently discovered talents also deserved a place on the compilation. So did Phobos Azazel, Encephalopaticys, Chemical Spoon, and the Para Halu side project: The Path. This project has been earning interest in the scene since their Freaking collaboration track Cacao, released on Goa Gil's Karmageddon compilation in 2005. And here they come again! Currently working on their debut album together with Para Halu, The Path will show some unexpected fusions and future sounds for the psychedelic crowd: the techno-influenced groovy alien-psy they never heard before...

Prepare yourself for the journey through the right path and let these masters of brain-twisting lead you to the other side!

Style: Psytrance
Format: Jewel case PSLCD001
Distributed by Wirikuta Distribution


hey there everyone!!

the compilation is finally OUT NOW!

you can buy the CD in several music stores around the world, and of course online from the well-known webshops:


Saiko Sounds:



you'll be able to buy the music electronically also, in mp3/wav files from 3rd July 2007 at Beatport, AOL, ITunes, etc...

AUDIO SAMPLES of the compilation are still available at our myspace page and on the website:

feel free to comment the music, we are always up to your feedback!


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