MPRCD06 - Lost Buddha presents Pandemonium! - "Muinimednap!" Metapsychic records

Started by Metapsychic Record, 22 April 2007 à 23:04:31

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Metapsychic Record

To all the psy-community, I'm very proud and happy to announce that Filipe Santos aka "Lost Buddha" decided to release his first brand new with unprecedented material album, "Muinomednap!" ("Pandemonium!" backwards ) on our common label, Metapsychic Records! Filipe will present you a complete underground/high quality album of his newest psytrance project, "Pandemonium!" His first track under this new alias will appear very soon on our second compilation, "VA/Human Hyperactivation", and will be a foretaste of what will follow next and, more precisely, soon!

The main concept of "Miunomednap"! is to introduce you into a magical diversified world in which you will push the gates of a very uncommon 360° degrees psychedelic trip, and where all your senses will be activated for a synaesthesiac "pandemonium" vision. Expect to discover a vast number of different emotions in this unprecedented original album: each track contains its own feeling, particular universe, groove, rhythm & melodies. Your body and brain will be balanced between madness, euphoria, high sensitive feelings, thanks to its unique and closed style, a savant mixture of different psy-genres: nitzchonot, psy/goa-trance and full-on.

Here you can listen a small teaser of three album tracks:

The tracklist will be communicated the coming days and uno insulte pleaseated on the same thread. The album is almost complete, only one track remains and will be finished soon. More infos on:

Cosmogenesis  ;D
Neo Goa-Trance

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