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Started by Metapsychic Record, 22 April 2007 à 23:00:24

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Metapsychic Record

22 April 2007 à 23:00:24 Last Edit: 25 August 2007 à 21:54:59 by Metapsychic Record

You can now order our newest NEW SCHOOL GOA compilation called "Human Hyperactivation", a 100% goa-trance compilation, as MP3 320kpbs (cover included) for 6¤.
WAV format of this album is now available for purchase for 8¤.


01. Pan Psychic – In Suspend
02. Mindsphere - Perception
03. Subra - Snel Hest
04. Artifact303 - Trip To The Sun
05. Pandemonium - Pandemonium
06. Liquid Flow - Overdose
07. Alienxxs - Infected Creature
08. Brain Technology - Jungle Hippie
09. Nolax - Pareidolia

The Main Goal of Human Hyperactivation is a Trip on where all your hidden senses will be activated .

The Human beeing has 5 classical senses such as:

Sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch, but the concept of this album is to let you discover more than these 5 senses and to see and feel whats beyond this world.

Enter a trip on where your Spirit will be transported into a world you have never experienced before, see galaxies, stars, planets, nebulas and much more and before you realized you are just a Human that you have just been Hyperactivated!

Please, buy this compilation and support our artists and cause at :
Metapsychic Records

More MetaPower coming soon... Samples will be added the coming days.  More infos @:

Neo Goa-Trance

Metapsychic Record

Un grand merci à tous ceux qui ont déjà acheté notre compilation new school goa!! Sachez que les bénéfices de cette vente sont reversés directement aux artistes et permettront aussi l'achat de nouveaux matériels audios pour une qualité musicale encore meilleure à l'avenir.

Thanks to all the persons who have already bought our new school goa compilation!! We would like to inform you that the benefits of those sales will be distributed directly to the artists and will help for the bought of new audio material for a better music quality in the near future.
Neo Goa-Trance

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