Psylicious Radio presents: Valentines featuring Rita Raga - Ragini

Started by psylicious, 15 February 2020 à 03:12:07

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This week on Psylicious Radio we celebrate Valentines with a show full of Yin energy as we welcome the multi
talented audio magic of Rita Raga and her DJ alias Ragini for this exclusive showcase as Rita leads us into
this weeks show with her sensational downtempo sound before expanding the soundscapes into progressive and full
on psychedelic trance.  - a perfect harmony for your Valentines day.. Enjoy!

Rita Raga - singer, music producer, multi instrumentalist, DJ, creating melodic downtempo music with ethno and
psychedelic inspirations, accompanied by live vocals, electric guitar, keys and percussive instruments.
Under 'Ragini' alias she mixes psytrance/fullon DJ sets.

Listen To The Show: Click Here

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