Animaudio: Neverfield _3d Animated sync to Music Video!

Started by animaudio, 07 May 2018 à 22:00:08

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Label: Animaudio
Format: Digital Release  Release Date: 01.05.2018  Catalogue Number: AA02DR
1.- Duendo Matka, Visua - Bubbletronic (Original mix_
2.- Duendo Matka, Barak - Neverfield (Original mix )
3.- Duendo Matka, Kai Dreamtime - PsyMasalaTrance (Original mix)

Animaudio is excited to present their second release  "Neverfield" , featuring unique and fresh sounds, combining different electronic music styles that will take you to the Neverfield.
Immerse and enjoy a set of high detailed Videos

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