Author Topic: When is trance "Psytrance"  (Read 449 times)

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When is trance "Psytrance"
« on: 01 March 2017 à 15:58:28 »

Who disides if an artist or a track is PSY-TRANCE or not, i mean i know al the standards for a psy track , but has it to do witch label you'll be released on or something , let's say that a "regular" trance artist who don't make psy trance suddenly makes an album with 9 tracks witch are all 8 min and really psychedelic and he would release it on a regular "commercial" label (if they would accept it) would it then also come on this side or would everybody here call him fake because he doesn't fit in your perspective. so when, where and how is desided if something is considered "Psy-trance"or not

please give me your opinion!

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