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Started by Loose Records, 26 July 2015 à 15:34:28

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Loose Records

[DJ Contest Mix Pack]

[Loose Records DJ Contest Link]
Join the second remix contest by Loose Records!
This time, we are looking for DJs to mix a one-hour set with Loose Records artists' tracks.

GB - Watching You [EP]
Counteractive - Connection [EP]
Loose Records - Macro [VA]
Full Propulsion - Patterns [EP]
Loose Records - Level UP [VA]

1. What are the prizes?

1st Place

•   Download all releases by Loose Records in WAV

•   Promotion of the DJ mix on all Loose Records channels

2nd Place

•   Download 2 releases by Loose Records in WAV of your choice

3rd Place

• Download 1 release by Loose Records in WAV of your choice

2. How do I enter the contest?

Download the DJ Set Contest Pack here.
The pack includes:

•   All Loose Records releases in MP3 128-320kbps

3.   Email Loose Records at loose@looserecords.org with:

•   Subject: DJ Set Contest " Enter contest

•   DJ name

•   Facebook account link

•   Artist Social Media Links

4. How do I send my DJ Set?

Upload your DJ Set here: http://looserecords.org/en/DJContestUpload.php

5. What is the deadline?

September 30, 2015

6. How will you announce the winners?

The top 3 DJ Sets will be announced on:

•   Loose Records Facebook

•   Loose Records website

•   Loose Records Soundcloud

7. My question is not answered here. Who should I contact?

Email your question to loose@looserecords.org

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