[ZMB109] Vinny Da Vie "Tantric Frequences" OUT NOW!

Started by Zombster Records, 14 September 2014 à 19:44:58

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Zombster Records

Artist: Vinny Da Vie
Title: "Tantric Frequences"
Label: Zombster Records
Format: CD, WAV, Mp3 (320, 192)
Catalog: ZMB109

"Tantric Frequencies" OUT NOW!

There's a new talent coming from the depths of South Africa, and his name is Vinny Da Vie: his music has always been driven by innovation and exploration of sonic landscapes, and the first milestone of his career can be witnessed today, with the release of the debut LP. Psychedelia is back to psytrance, alongside tech elements and raw grooves!

Get your copy here

•digital btprt.dj/1uC0Vp8
•CD bit.ly/Tantric-CD


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