[ZMB107] Bell Size Park "Angels In Sequencers" OUT NOW!

Started by Zombster Records, 24 August 2014 à 14:50:44

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Artist: Bell Size Park
Title: "Angels In Sequencers"
Label: Zombster Records
Format: CD, WAV, Mp3 (320, 192)
Catalog: ZMB107

"Angels In Sequencers" OUT NOW!

After 18 years from his debut album on BNE/Yoyo, the pioneer Shlomy Kaufman aka Bell Size Park comes back with this new LP, an ode to the oldschool goa that will immediately take you back to the ravey days of the 90s.

Get your copy here:
•DIGITAL http://btprt.dj/1lpT4KB
•CD COPY http://bit.ly/BSPcd1 (Paypal payment)
                http://bit.ly/BSPcd2 (credit card payment)



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