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Title: Suduaya - Inner Power
Catalog No.: DOno insulte pleaseIGI008
Format: Digital Online
Mastered by: Bart Xsi - Xsi Studios
Cover Art: Onam | Graphic Design
Distribution: BONZAI
Release Date: Beatport Exclusive : 10/ 3 / 2012 | iTunes & Rest of Digital shops worldwide : 24/3/2014

Track list :

1. Suduaya - Inner Power

2. Lyctum - Atmospheric Probe (Suduaya Remix)

About Ep :

Our Body , Mind & Soul are guided by an energy that we all have within us , it’s a source of creation as well as destruction called Inner Power .
Inner power is The ability to release a hidden power from inside one's soul and amplify it in order to become stronger and create a
“inner space” for self awareness and an ability to see every single experience as a Vision
This is the idea behind this new EP of Suduaya. For his first release on Digital Om Production, he created something quiet different from his previous releases. The result is more punchy and psychedelic, but still with his melodic and emotional touch.


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