Loose Records Japan: GB - Watching You [EP]

Started by Loose Records, 25 February 2014 à 14:32:22

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Loose Records

Loose Records debut EP release is out now!

Artist: GB
Title: Watching You
Label: Loose Records Japan
Format: Digital
Release Date: 2014/02/22

Track Listing:
01. Enoshima Sunset
02. Watching You
03. Candy Flipping
04. Almost There

In today’s global society where freedom and privacy are taken away in the name of conformity, standardization and safety, GB stands their ground.

Inspired by George Orwell's "1984", each track conveys the instantly recognizable trademark GB sound.

"Watching You" - the sequel of "Party People" - unveils dance floor destroying powerful beats blended with multiple layers of melodies, grooves, atmospheric sounds and effects.

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