Suntrip presents: E-Mantra - Nemesis! (acidic old school goa-trance!)

Started by Suntrip Records, 29 January 2014 à 18:49:15

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Suntrip Records

Dear melodic goa lovers!

2014 will start strong from our side! :) We start with the new release of our Romanian magician E-Mantra! His new album, Nemesis, is his 3rd uptempo album, and available since today! If you like your goa-trance more sinister, acidic and melodic with a darker edge... This will be your thing! We tested many of the tracks on the dancefloor already, and we can assure you, it are Tsunami's! :)

For all info, samples and ordering, please visit your favourite trance-shop and of course...:

Artist: E-Mantra
1. The Entity
2. Wrath of the Nomads
3. Fall of Icarus
4. Gebeleizis
5. Xibalba
6. Ayahuasca
7. Mission Aborted
8. Orphic Hymn
9. Shae Nab (vs Suffi Astrolab)


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