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Started by Loose Records, 18 October 2013 à 16:51:47

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Loose Records

Loose Records Japan's website is up and running with the support of our partner www.psychedelik.com - the French online psychedelic shop and radio.


Check out the crew, promo videos for artists and preview of upcoming releases here!

We hope to deliver a wide variety of the best media to everyone who has supported us so far and continue receiving your full support and keep it going.

Loose Records Japan:

LOOSE - to set free â€" is our motto.
LOOSE - free from confinement â€" is what we believe music should be about.
LOOSE - not firmly or tightly fixed in place â€" are our values.

Founded by Full Propulsion in 2013, Loose Records is a Japanese Electronic Music Record Label that was created in response to the ever increasing fast changing pace in the world of Electronic Music.

We live in an era where there are countless genres of electronic music with standardized confined releases being put into the market daily. With so many sub-genres merging with each other, it is becoming virtually impossible to distinguish and label them and music has almost lost its meaning. Yet, most players decide to go down this road.

So, we are Loose. It is our motto, what we believe music should be about and our values.

Loose Records Music provides professional worldwide bookings, mastering and design services.
Take your audience through the ultimate dancing and listening adventure from studios of the finest producing international artists straight into the dance floor.

Stay tuned for upcoming EP releases of various Loose Records artists by the end of this year!

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