Cosmonautica - Mayan Evolution @ PanMusic Records

Started by psybonsai, 23 September 2013 à 04:37:23

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Cosmonautica - Mayan Evolution @ PanMusic Records

Check outPsybonsai Exclusive Interview with Cosmonautica : "This is my second EP released with Pan Music Records from Spain, called Mayan Evolution, the name is related to the process of awakening after the beginning of a new Mayan Aeon and transcendence of the veil of Maya, the illusion. The manifestation of the light being inside us, when we consciously make the choice to seek our true nature, we consciously make the choice to turn back at the highest levels of energy. (Lyrics in Enlightenment track). It is a triple journey between Mind Body & Spirit. The Evolution is for you to shine your light, share your truth, express yourself, participate in reality in your highest way. It took me a few months to make the tracks, most of them have the characteristics of the new style I am trying to propose. The others are still experimental stuff I have in my mind. Thanks to the Mexican Artist Mucora for the design, mastering was done by myself. To make it possible I would have to thank a very big list of people & I am afraid I might forget someone, but specially family and friends support me so much everyday…" more

Title : Mayan Evolution
Artist : Cosmonautica
Label : PanMusic Records
Genre : Full-On Night
Format : Digital : Wave/Mp3

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