Technicolor : Speaking Colors @ Spectral Records

Started by psybonsai, 18 September 2013 à 02:29:34

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18 September 2013 à 02:29:34 Last Edit: 18 September 2013 à 02:31:17 by psybonsai
Technicolor : Speaking Colors @ Spectral Records

Title : Speaking Colors
Artist : Technicolor
Label : Spectral Records
Genre : Psy Trance
Format : Digital : Wave/Mp3

Tracklist with Full Track Preview
1. Speaking Colors by Technicolor                    : 6:44    
2. Separate World by Technicolor           :    6:52       
3. Dark Dog by Technicolor        :  6:50   


Technicolor is the Psytrance project of Deliriant (Shane Renew) and Mad Piper (Peter Lehto) from South Africa. Both coming from different background and played at some of the biggest festivals in South Africa.. Technicolor is their new project and the sound can be best described as experimental full-on psytrance, with melodic leads, powerful basslines and hi-tek breaks. : Only Legal downloads for Psytrance, Progressive, Dark-Psy & Chill-Out Labels. Track by track download in the best available quality you could possibly desire.
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