Metronome : Slightly Different @ Blue Tunes Records

Started by psybonsai, 14 September 2013 à 05:05:50

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Slightly Different EP by Metronome @ Blue Tunes Records

Title : Slightly Different
Artist : Metronome
Label : Blue Tunes Records
Genre : Progressive Trance
Format : Digital : Wave/Mp3

Tracklist with Full Track Preview
1. Slightly Different by Metronome                    : 8:24   
2. Mind Switch by Metronome          :    8:20    
3. Reboot by Metronome        :  8:41   


Metronome is a progressive trance project of Henrik Nilsson.  Influenced by artists like Bitmonx, Ticon, Son Kite and numerous other european acts, Henrik developed an unique Scandinavian sound which got a quick recognition around the globe. After  a lot of experimenting went on to develop a new modern sound to keep up with the ever changing progressive scene. Henrik has released albums on ZMA Records, Groove Zone, finally Spin Twist Records & Jum-Jam Records. : Only Legal downloads for Psytrance, Progressive, Dark-Psy & Chill-Out Labels. Track by track download in the best available quality you could possibly desire.
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