Cosmic Flower seeking producers for new psy compilation

Started by spacer, 10 April 2007 à 17:42:24

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Hi all,

We started in year 2006 a netlabel Cosmic Flower Records and returned back to come with third free compilation at half of may 2007.

We are seeking artists for deepest compilation, dark (twisted psy, experimental, feel free to experiment, motion sound).

We would like to upload next series of free downloadable tracks and keep free spirit.
New mp3 compilation will be oriented to experimental music with various form of sounds and atmo for summer celebration.

We are seeking various pumping psytrance hypnotisements, compilation topic: twisted psytrance, tribe, celebration atmo with wild context related to join our minds not only in these days.

If you want to take a part, feel free to send to us your track to listen,
256 kbps mp3 - f.e. send your track to us with, or on our post address

Actual info at this server topic

We will post here actual information, tracklist and more info about our releasing compilation, actually will be released in may.

Welcome, feel free to join free compo
Mirek Spacer, Rafael Satanco, Tolja Toxa and Cosmic Crew


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