Voxel9 : Beyond @ Ovnimoon Reords

Started by psybonsai, 03 August 2013 à 00:29:38

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Voxel9 : Beyond @ Ovnimoon Reords

Title: Beyound
Artist : Voxel9
Label : Ovnimoon Records
Genre : Ambient/Down-Tempo
Format : Digital : Wave/Mp3

Tracklist with Full Track Preview :
1. Beyond (Phase I) by Voxel9    22:43
2. Beyond (Phase II) by Voxel9    20:49
3. Beyond (Phase III) by Voxel9    21:33   
4. Calls of Nature by Voxel9    11:11


Geomagnetic Records presents "Beyond" by Voxel9. Voxel9 aka Daniel Eldstrom is back with a special 2 part album presented by Ovnimoon Records (part 1) and Bass Star Records (part2) that begins its voyage BEYOND with a deep and meditational night time journey into the inner regions of your mind and soul. As the 3 Phase experience concludes you gently transition back to the natural world with the mystical closing track CALLS OF NATURE. Beyond as an album shows off Daniels ability to fully engage the listener through minimal and subtle changes using low tuned atmosphere and deep tribal rhythmic pulses.

Voxel9 is a PsyChill/Downtempo, Electronica project of Daniel Eldstorm from Sweden, also known by His other famous psytrance project "Trinodia" where his music-style is Goa trance with Ambient influences and plenty of melodies.

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