[Goa Trance] V/A - Up To Next Step (goalogique records)

Started by somnesia, 26 July 2013 à 11:02:22

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UP TO NEXT STEP (Goalogique Records)


Goalogique Records proud to be present his first album, VA 'Up To Next Step' is an artworking of Goatrance, this album has made by special songs who comes from all of the world, to show you how could be the music can get far and to open minds, with new fresh sounds and our wisdom about Goatrance music. With this album you could get some informations from future.

01. MINOMAR_Goa Psy Cry
02. PHANT OM X_Buddham Mantra
03. PURE ENERGY_The Prayer
04. ANCIENT ALIEN_Strange Happenings
05. SOMNESIA_Lunar Voyage I
06. CACTUS ARISING_Awaiking Fairies
07. JAGOA_Space Haze
08. EVELYN_Only a Psychopath Would...
09. METAMORPHOSIS_Dragons Breath
10. CARBON_Jupiter

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